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Dienstag, 07 April 2015 14:25

Low poly 3d-modelling

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The creation of low poly 3d-models for realtime applications is one of our major fields of activity.

With normal and projectionmapping our artists create models that are low in polycount and high in quality.

low poly model with normal mapping

Dienstag, 17 März 2015 09:26

Neue Projekte - New projects

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Viele neue Projekte: 3D-Modellierung von Autos, Lautsprechern, Showroom und Möbeln. Wir freuen uns über das Vertrauen unserer Kunden.

Many new projects: 3D-modelling of cars, speakers, a showroom and furniture. We are glad about the business confidence by our clients.

Freitag, 13 Februar 2015 13:56

Close up of furniture Rendering

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Ein close-up unseres Renderings. Detailreichtum vollständig in 3D modelliert.

Close-up of a VisioEmotion rendering for the furniture industry. All details are modelled in 3d.

Photorealistic furniture Rendering